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Creative Sparks
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Hangout of Mary and Raven Moonsdaughter
*sneak sneak sneak sneak*

Welcome to the double-secret LJ community of Girl Genius fanfic. Even the great Foglios cannot breach these walls.

We're a sneaky yet creative bunch, so the rules are few:
1) Be nice to each other -- Don't make me come over there!
2) Use a cut if you're posting large images, fic, or more than five icons.
3) Warn if your fic has a rating above the comic.
4) Double-warn if your fic has a rating above Xxxenophile (ie, not just fun things between consenting adults)
5) Warn for spoilers as you see fit; I won't be overly strict about it, but after writing a Dr. Horrible fic within twelve hours of part 1 going up, I realize that creative juices can sometimes flow faster than readers would expect.

Disclaimer: This community contains non-profit, amateur efforts not intended to infringe on the rights of the wonderful Foglios(who we know keep their distance on the advice of their lawyers) or any other copyright holder.

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